I am a photographer who has had the good fortune of covering a variety of assignments over the course of my career. I consider an assignment a success when I’ve logged more miles running and walking than there are hours in a day fueled, of course, by coffee.   The best assignments or scouting trips are usually collaborations, when each person that we meet has an interesting story to tell, and leads us to another character or avenue to explore. To me, losing track of time is a good sign of productive work.  This blog is meant to share some of the behind-the-scenes stories from various photo projects.  The archive will eventually cover projects and books on a wide variety of subject matter including coverage of an ongoing project on Honky Tonks and Juke Joints, documenting for Flavor Forays with NOLA’s BACKYARD in New Orleans and the bayou country, and an upcoming shoot:  Grits, Gullah and the 3 o’clock Dinner in Charleston plus highlights from several political campaigns.  It is one person’s view from behind the lens.



Nannette Bedway
Nannette Bedway Studio LLC