NOLA’s BACKYARD – Tony’s Seafood

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After we pick up our guests at the airport, we start our journey with a shoebox lunch while


our host Chef John Folse,

_NPB9999BWcrop  an expert on Louisiana history, leads our trip to the first stop at Tony’s Seafood. He explains that before the civil rights movement, dining while traveling by train was a challenge for black people. Although white train passengers were served in dining cars, Jim Crow laws barred black passengers. Thus, the shoe box lunch, a meal in a box packed before boarding, became common for traveling black families.

So a side note on the “skinning of the fish” shot, I didn’t just take this once, No — I had the stomach clenching opportunity to document this activity twice – so close you could smell it and step in the slick surface from the operation. And, that is because I smiled … yes there are times when a smile is not the answer and this was one of those times. It was very noisy at Tony’s Seafood,  with orders being placed, and people everywhere and the motors in the refrigerators humming loudly. When this very proud fishmonger asked me something, as my stomach was turning over from the first episode of “how to clean a fish” … I just smiled because I couldn’t hear him and I was trying desperately not to throw up … and then voila’ before I knew what was happening … another fish, another hook, the knife and well you get the idea … No More Smiling!!!





Flavor Forays:  NOLA’s BACKYARD


Purloo – SoFAB


Nannette will you document a group of the worlds top chefs and F&B directors while we take them on a trip to the Louisiana Bayou country?

Flavor Forays is the creation of Barbara Mathias, former publisher of Food Arts magazine and Beverly Stephen, former executive editor of Food Arts magazine.

We are planning a food immersion and intend to meet the characters, the farmers, the fishermen, the producers and the cooks who make the Bayou country one of the richest culinary areas in the United States.


Purloo – SoFAB

Honestly, they had me at the word Bayou … the sultry air, flavorful food and characters that come to mind will make this a priority on my calendar. But the addition of boudin, Bourbon and even alligator make it impossible to say no. As a long-time vegetarian, I may not want to taste it, but I know that I will want to photograph it … and I’ve always said that bacon will break me one day!

We arrive October 12, a day before our guests arrive, to make any last minute preparations and to share some time with Liz Williams at the new location of SoFAB (Southern Food and Beverage Museum.)


Purloo – SoFAB




Purloo – SoFAB